Offer a memorable experience in your tasting room.

 Limited reproductions  available here.

Limited reproductions available here.


Live art and exclusive custom pieces.

From original art, commission work, to live painting in your tasting room or winery, we offer an experience customized for you. Provide a unique experience for your customers or offer an exclusive event for your wine club members with a live painting of your bottle, label or vineyard. 




 Helix / Reininger Wines



Live Painting

Jesse will come to your winery or tasting room and create a custom work with your label. Whether it's an exclusive wine-club offering, or want to add to a seasonal event, bringing live art can engage your customers in a  unique way. A live art piece can go from one to two hours and leave a lasting impression.


Limited Edition Reproductions




Offer exclusive, limited edition, signed reproductions or custom canvas reproductions to your wine club members or customers of your signature piece as a special offering. 



For more information about a custom live painting, reproductions, scheduling or more details, email us at